The mission of Mental Gurus is to innovatively create technology that meaningfully advances our Gurus (users) understanding of themselves and one another. 

veTcave is grateful to Mental Gurus for their support and for developing a Free Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Assessment for Veterans.


Veterans are at risk of developing PTSD due to combat exposure and military-related trauma.

Many veterans do not know if they are suffering from PTSD or where/how to get help to overcome PTSD.  

Mental Guru’s assessment will help veterans know if they are suffering and where/how to get help! 


This FREE evaluation will give you an idea if you are suffering from symptoms of PTSD from a military experience. It is not a diagnosis, and should not be regarded as one. All Mental Gurus tests are considered to be educational and recreational. Mental Gurus has adapted this questionnaire from questions from a publicly available test called the PCL-5. Please see a licensed professional for a formal diagnosis if you are suffering from PTSD symptoms.

It is the mission of Mental Gurus to innovatively create technology that meaningfully advances mental wellness and ultimately elevates the entire human experience. Mental Gurus creates online tools with which individuals can gain greater self-awareness about themselves and their loved ones, understand strengths and weaknesses with greater insight, and find meaningful tips for personal growth and happiness. Through our unique and completely free evaluations, individuals get customized feedback, detailed information, resources, and tested recommendations that contribute to success and well-being.