A non-profit dedicated to promoting awareness and assisting Veterans diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) overcome challenges and develop self-reliance through entrepreneurial endeavors.

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“The brave men and women, who serve their country and as a result, live constantly with the war inside them, exist in a world of chaos. But the turmoil they experience isn’t who they are; the PTSD invades their minds and bodies.”

- Robert Koger
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veTcave is a community effort. Our goal is to build a network of individuals and organizations who will volunteer to assist Veterans suffering from PTSD and raise awareness about this deadly struggle too many Veterans face.

“Post-Traumatic Stress Injury isn't a disease. It's a wound to the soul that never heals.”

– Tom Glenn

Are you a Veteran in crisis, or concerned about one?

Connect with the Veterans Crisis Line to reach caring, qualified responders with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Many of them are Veterans themselves:

veTcave’s goal is to improve the well-being and livelihood of Veterans suffering from PTSD. By raising awareness about the struggles these Veterans face, developing a network of supportive organizations and individuals, and involving the community to give back to those that gave; we contribute to developing a healthier environment, conducive to minimizing and managing the symptoms of PTSD, and becoming self-reliant by learning and applying principles of entrepreneurship.

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